Samsung Galaxy Tab or IPAD

To review any gadget be it Samsung Galaxy Tab or IPad is not easy, there is always a bit of bias because of constraints. So what was my constraint? i needed a compact gadget ( size of diary) that could do more than make calls or browse the web.
Let me try an illustration.
 Looks Like a diary, and compact ...

Home Screen, Android style ...

My Quraan, mmmmaaaaa....

And my Quraan, alhamdulilillah ...

Time for some notes ...

Easier to type this way ...
It has to be kept this way ...

Some Sketches ... ESB makes sense, this way :) ...

Lets Read ...  
Some pdf please ...

 Yeah you can zoom it too, not shown above

E Books ???
 Yeah this book shelf is cool ...
 Reading is nice, plus flip pages by dragging and clicking as well ...

Leave aside the size, IPad can do the same even perhaps better, but what if you want to make a video call? and not feel like taking your laptop,logging in and then make a video call? Here the galaxy tab scores, it has a front facing camera that makes video calls easier.

Picture this, you would like to go to a meeting and would you like to carry with you something that looks like a file case or a letter pad, or would you prefer taking a compact diary?

One of the problems with having a handwriting with an expiry time(not date) is, if you cant read something that you yourself has wrote after an hour of writing it, what if it was something important? a critical aspect of architecture? or a minute detail which is catastrophic if ignored ?

There is no final verdict, that is left to our creator, but my humble suggestion is, when you are planning to invest any amount into some object. Ask yourself the following question

Does it provide value to my life in this world and hereafter?
Does it provide value add to my profession?
Does it provide value to my family?

Consult, Consult, Consult, Seek divine guidance (istekharah)

Ask questions and let your heart decide, 
when you learn to read your own heart,
it will tell you when a matter is justified.

Read about office suite for Galaxy Tab Here


  1. As-Saalam Ailekum Brother. It was very good review indeed. I am planning to buy samsung tab, but was confuse. Your review above help me out and the best part is Quran reading on the tab.

    Shaukat Ali

  2. Walaikumussalam, most welcome brother and a fruitful galaxy-tabbing :)

  3. my galaxy tab is on firmware 2.2 and kernel Would samsung provide upgrade to android 3.0? ive known ipad gives upgrades to the latest OS. If samsung fails to provide
    OS upgrades to android 3.0(which is meant for tablet) that would lead to many Samsung users shift to ipad2. I for one would definitely shift.


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