Qurbani: Prophet's (sallalahualayhi wassallam) share

Qurbani is wajib(obligatory) on:

1.Free (not a slave)


3.Muqim (not a traveler)

4.Owns the amount of nisab of zakah.

One more thing about qurbani:

Nabi (sallalahualaihiwassallam) made qurbani on behalf of his ummah. Similarly, it has been narrated that Sayyiduna Ali (radhiallahuanhu) used to make qurbani on behalf of Nabi (sallalahualaihiwassallam).
Hanash(radhiallahuanhu) mentions: I saw Ali doing qurbani of two rams. So I asked what is this? He replied that Nabi (sallalahualaihiwassallam)bequeathed that I do qurbani on his behalf. Therefore, I am.

Hanash (RA) mentions that Sayyiduna Ali (RA) used to make qurbani of two rams, one for Nabi (SAWS) and the other for himself. When questioned regarding this he replied that Nabi (SAWS) commanded me. Therefore, I will never leave this practice. (Tirmidi 1495)

These narrations show Nabi (SAWS)’s love for performing qurbani that even after his demise he still wants qurbani to be performed on his behalf.  Therefore, whoever loves Nabi (SAWS)  should also try to do qurbani on his behalf and fulfill his wish and desire.



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