2012 doomsday prophecy

The end of the world, would 2012 be a doomsday and be end of the world?
Would it be the day when the creator will release the curtain on the show that he has created?
Which would be followed by HIS Magnanimous and Majestic court ?

Numerous signs mentioned in the Hadeeth has come true, so is it time ???

Well answer is NO.

There are more signs to realize.
Return of Prophet Eisa(Jesus) may Allah shower peace upon him.
Emergence of Dajjaal.

The above two are the most prominent signs.

Most of us may not perhaps live long enough to see those days, for us our last moments in earth would be the beginning of our judgment day, which is certain.

There is nothing much to do more for the doomsday, than what you would do for your own personal 'doomsday'.

The only thing one can do is to make sure that it is not a doomsday but a celebration day, when the lover meets the beloved and the creation meets the creator.

When one prepares for that for them it is Eid(celebration day) for others ...

Well its just doomsday.

"O Allah make the culmination of all our matters good, and save us from the hardships of this world and the punishment of hereafter"


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