EeePC 1005HA note book:a wonderful experience

After a long survey of laptops and notebooks scribbling through their specifications,I finally got one of my choice,the EeePC notebook.Every notebooks i looked at was having atom proceeser,1GB RAM,160GB hard disk bluetooth and wifi. My purpose was for making presentations for teaching and access of internet.

Initially I looked for dell laptops and notebooks but one of my colleague had complaints regarding its service in smaller towns. Well HP was my next choice but value for money was a priority. and I didn’t like the screen of notebook as it was strenuous to look at it.Sony was never my choice because I could never justify the cost. So I thought of looking at Acer notebook,a cute one.The price was much less(16K) than others.The battery backup was 6 hours which was good enough, weight was 1.3 kgs.Everything was ok for me before the dealer had put the battery in its slot.The battery took an extra space in the back so overall the dimensions increased.I thought I cannot carry it in my purse. And acer did not have a bluetooth. Finally my search ended at EeePC 1005HA. At first sight I liked it.An elegant seashell inpired design It is small but the keypad is bigger and more comfortable to use. (Right now I am using it to type this post).The battery backup is 10.5hrs enough for any train journey.

The screen is very clear and not strenuous.It has mikes for voice mail.Sound  quality is excellent.Wifi internet access,170GB storage and 1.3 M camera.Very handy and light.Can be carried in a purse. The touch pad has zoom in and zoom out features just by separating your fingers.I have been pleasantly surprised by the functionality of this notebook.You can have a look at its cnet reviews. And the price is 20K. It's truely awesome!!!!!! No doubt ASUS received 3056 awards in 2008.


  1. EeePC is a good choice masha allah, hope its helping in your profession as well, may Allah grant Baraka.


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