Kochi International Stadium Approach Road

Some believe scratches in car is a good luck charm, when a friend of mine went to fix a dent and repaint his car the mechanic said "Sir, it is good to have some scratches and marks in the car" my friend replied "Yeah, i have plenty of that in other places you need to fix only this ..."

The commissioning of Kochi international stadium, where football and international cricket is played was a long standing dream of the locals. The day it was inaugurated was grande and memorable, now its been years.

Topic for today is the approach road, its two double lanes separated by a median, but then it abruptly stops for some greenary, thats right no road but green.

So some one who is driving through the lane takes a turn to get to the opposite lane and then CROSS the GREEN and then come back to his lane.

I personally love greenery anywhere in the world, and we thankfully have some good greens.

But can we just fix only this Please ...


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