Chat Widget For Blog

A Chat Widget?

For some one into blogging, the search for the right kind of widgets is like a sine curve.

One of the widgets that you can put into your blog, is something that could provide you some additional collaborative capabilities.

Most people prefer an asynchronous mode of blogging, to See then Observe then Think how it relates to events happening around. AND finally to undergo the pain of putting those observations\Visuals\Thoughts\Feelings into WORDS.

This does not rule out others who would prefer a synchronous or impulsive mode of expression and collaboration.

That is where Meebo comes in, Meebo gives your blogs a capability of asynchronous collaboration.

Its a feature for a blog,BUT chat and blog are like Tennis and Soccer they have separate grounds for each.

Google Wave once released would make it possible to play Tennis and Soccer on the same ground, just play one game or morph from one game to the other.

Until then-
I want you to reconfigure the design, so start reconfiguring! - Skipper


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