XMarks Shutting Down

XMarks is shutting down !!!

Many users have been using XMarks

It is sad news, but XMarks is no longer financially viable because of free services from Firefox Crome and Live.
Many Have been using XMarks for some time, it had been doing a very useful service, users would be grateful for it without doubt. As XMarks noted when there are free services that does the same thing, who would be generous enough to shell out a few bucks in a year? To think of it users choose XMarks because it was free in the first place. 
This entry is to appreciate what XMarks has done and why we hope that it would continue to provide its service in future too, having said that XMarks is not a charitable organization and huge amount of investment has gone into its making and really they need to make some money too.

Best wishes to XMarks and its Users !!!


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