5 Star or Zero Star - Life is Life

There is nothing more dynamic than life itself, a street salesman was selling pens and claimed life time guarantee for his product, one of his pens failed to work and the buyer complained that your guarantee is false. The salesman replied “what is the guarantee of life? None At All!!!.”.

I have seen how elders have been cautious towards the world, prophet (peace be upon him) used to say whose nearest meaning is “When Allah bestows his love on his slave, he saves them from this world( riches, glitz and glamour) like you would save your sick from water”.

It is narrated regarding Junaid Bagdadi (Rah) that he was a merchant of precious gems and stone, his shop was attractive and he himself sat slanting on cushions as he sold them. One among the people complained that you are a saintly person yet you sit in attractive shop slanting on luxurious cushions. Upon numerous such remarks he replied that his business demanded such an environment, and he tore his cushion to the people's surprise it contained rough stones instead of soft materials. He then clarified that the decoration was the need of his business, and the rough stones were his need to save himself from this world.

Prophet (peace be upon him) said to the nearest meaning “One of the blessings that Allah gives his slave is a body that can bear hardships”.

Prophet (peace be upon him) is some one who could have had any comfort he wanted, Allah would have given him, his companions would have given him, but he chose a very simple life and so did his family. The lamp that burned on the day prophet (peace be upon him) passed away had oil which was borrowed in exchange of his dress.
No man can trust this world, and be careless about its treacheries, elders say make habit of simple things in life, try walking, take a bus for travel these are small activities but the purpose they achieve is much bigger.

One day you find yourself in five star hotel, next day sleeping on a floor mat, one day we are traveling in Air conditioned cars and the very next day bicycling to office.

A word of caution,the glittering of this world builds false pride. But what could be more damaging when abstinence itself kindles fires of pride?

"O Allah set aright my faith which is the safeguard of all my affairs, set aright my world where in is my living, set aright my hereafter where to i have to return, let life be unto me a source of advance in every kind of righteousness and let death be to me a release from every kind of evil" - Ameen, Summa Ameen.

- From Duas mentioned in "What is Islam"

Virtue on Summa Ameen - the verbal meaning of Summa Ameen is re-iteration of the first Ameen. The effect of which is more than saying Ameen twise which is explained as below.

The letter deliverd by a post man or a courier would have a 'From' address and a 'To' address it would rarely contain a seal, presence of a seal signifies higher priority and importance of the delivered content. So the reader gives more consideration to a letter which has a seal on it.

Every dua is our personal letter which is delivered directly to Allah, with immediate effect and no middle man/thing. Prophet said(something similar to) "a dua followed by Summa Ameen is like placing a seal on it".


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