Kochi Development TODO’s- Smart City, Metro Rail, Flights

a nice city

Smart City
->>Huge amount of jobs and related opportunities with state of the art infrastructure, plan was proposed, foundation stone laid, progress is speedy as snail.
Metro Rail
->>Convenient and comfortable travel would reduce traffic conjunction. It was the first metro rail to be proposed in India but haven’t seen the light yet.
Fly Overs
--> Fly overs at Edappilly Jn, and Paravur Kavala Jns which would provide faster connectivity to Airports.

What you see in the background is Kochi International Stadium, Notice the high voltage lines ...

Electric Lines
->> Shift of overhead electric lines to underground electric lines
->>Flights between 6am to 7am and 6pm to 8pm to and from Kochi to all Metros.

Kochi claims to be better connected to WWW, we did an experiment me and my friend tried to open an intranet site, he is logged into the intranet from Bangalore office and myself logged in from Kochi through VPN. To our surprise I was able to open the site much faster atlest 2 to 3 seconds less. What use is this connectivity advantage if no one cares about providing such facilities to generate opportunities, revenue and Jobs


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