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Yes we produce the greenest systems out there (red-paper, podcast), yes we care about people affected in Bihar ( Rs 55,67,265 donated) and yes the innovation that IBM drives influences and touches the lives of millions of people to help them have a better quality of life.

Nicholas Donofrio, IBM executive vice president for innovation and technology (interview), convinces beyond doubt "If nothing changes, nothing changes". Yes !!!, we all wants things to change for better, this would happen with our readiness to change for better, its been long time since we have been thinking for change now its time to do.

Last time I met a orthopedic was for Jagadish, a good friend of mine. I remember the doctor’s quote “Life is not equal to software”. Life is more than the world within the cubicle, more than within our friends and family, more than within our country, more than the whole of humanity and yet it is so simple to contribute to it.

Why all these big words? When you visualize a bigger picture even seemingly smaller thing that is a part of the picture becomes as important as the picture itself. Our bigger picture is of the earth and its inhabitants from microbes to the blue whales.

Let’s now get to the seemingly small thing now; Pankaj (Program Director Lab Services & Solutions) suggested turning the bike2work concept into a green movement. He provided full support and advised me to take the initiative forward. He talked to the facilities guys and instructed them to extend their support as well. They came back finding that; bike2work is green and saves cost; now facilities are ready to fund and support, so far so good.

So we met up, guys who were into bike2work, it was first time, discussed and shared our small experiences from tire punctures, cool bikes out there, repair shops, good shops to buy stuff, how we split our journeys part by car and part by bike. Mallik ,Murali and Vishu are most active and are the domain experts for bike2work . The facilities folks will provide us with bicycle stands, shower facility in each building, toolkit and a place to keep them.

This is our little contribution for our mother earth and for all her children. Spread the word !!!! as Mallik says "Spam On !!!"


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