A story from this ramadan

Dear Friend

I went to "Kattangal" (a small town near my college) to fetch few brothers who were ready to go in Jamath. When I met them they told me to wait for some time till they get ready. So I came out of the building planning to check my mail. But then I saw a person who sells ice cream sitting idle on the corner of a shop. He told me that since Ramadan he has stopped selling ice cream and has not found any other suitable job. So I asked him whether he can also join with the Jamath. He told that he also has a brother and invited to meet him. The brother was not feeling well and so they were not in a state to come in Jamath. The conversation with them made me understand that they were having no money for food and ifthar. (They never asked for any help in the conversation). I took this brother home (my family was not present at that time) and prepared some food and gave it to him. After receiving the food he told me the same thing as in your story. “Today I have asked Allah”, “Ya Allah thoo theri gaib se aaj ka ifthar in-thazam kar"(Oh Allah you make arrangement for our food from unseen”) Then he told me " Aapko Allah ne beja he!!!!!!!!". (“Allah has sent you”)

This made me think, is it possible to get things from Allah through our Duas?, Yes it is.

Your Friend
Research scholar

Ah.... people should write letters like this :)


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