Mentors - Naveen Sachdeva

It was an honor, when Naveen Sachdeva kindly agreed to be my mentor. He convinced and strengthened me to take up ideas, share them at the right platform, identify, take up initiatives, and deliver them passionately, Naveen exhibited these higher traits within himself. That made it easier for me to assimilate at least a small fraction of that from his mentorship.
He wrote this mail during his last week in IBM (19/06/2008)

It was my honor to be your mentor. I am very happy and proud to see that you have done well and wish you all the best.
The kindness, support, guidance Naveen has shown to me have given so many positive aspects to my professional and personal life for which words of thanks would itself be being ungrateful. Hope i could give the same to others what i have learned from him.
Wishing you success in all future endeavors


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