SOA Building Blocks WSDM

WSDM specification (MUWS) defines how the ability to manage, or how the manageability of, an arbitrary resource can be made accessible via Web services. In order to achieve this goal, MUWS is based on a number of Web services specifications, mainly for messaging, description,discovery, accessing properties, and notifications.

A Web service endpoint provides access to a manageable resource. An example of a manageable resource is a printer that has the capability to alert when its toner is low, or, a magnetic storage disk that reports its internal temperature in the form of a web service operation. A manageability consumer discovers the Web service endpoint and exchanges messages with the endpoint in order to request information, subscribe to events, or, control the manageable resource associated with the endpoint. An example of a manageability consumer is a management system, or, a business automation process, or simply, any Web service application.

In order to discover the Web service endpoint providing access to a particular manageable resource, a manageability consumer first obtains an Endpoint Reference (EPR), as defined by the WS-Addressing specification [WS-Addressing], and then obtains any other required descriptions, including, but not limited to, a WSDL document [WSDL], an XML Schema, or a policy document. MUWS uses the same mechanisms for obtaining EPRs and their associated descriptions as used by regular Web service implementations.
A Web service endpoint providing access to some manageable resource is called a manageability endpoint. To exchange messages with a manageability endpoint, a manageability consumer needs to understand all of the required descriptions for the endpoint. The manageability consumer sends messages targeted to the manageable resource by using information contained in the EPR, for example, an address and some reference properties (see [WS-Addressing]).


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