Building Blocks of SOA - BPEL

Any business is a set of processes which culminate in delivery of goods or services and generating revenue in exchange.
SOA provides a technical blueprint with the business to deliver goods/services and generate revenue.

Let us take a following flow
1 - The simple shop process starts, when a customer sends a shopping cart and a user ID.

2 - The process requires the delivery address and the credit card number of the customer.
The information is sent in two different messages, which may arrive in an arbitrary sequence.

3 - Finally the customer finishes the process and the shopping information is logged.

It is possible to make it into a code, write objects, functions and procedures to make this happen.

In SOA world we use a different form of coding its called BPEL, the content, variables flow all defined within XML-

get details here

lets look at a simple variable definition

Like wise these the content could be any of these <receive><reply><invoke><assign><throw><exit><wait><empty><sequence><if><while><repeatUntil><forEach><pick><flow><scope><compensate><compensateScope><rethrow><validate> instead of <variable>
If you really want to get your hands dirty, try out these Business Process Management Samples from IBM, which case you can do the stuff without getting your hands too much dirty.


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