SOA Building Blocks WS-SecureConversation

The Web Services Secure Conversation Language (WS-SecureConversation) is built on top of the WS-Security and WS-Policy models to provide secure communication between services. WS-Security focuses on the message authentication model, but not a security context, and thus is subject to several forms of security attacks. This specification defines mechanisms for establishing and sharing security contexts, and deriving keys from security contexts, to enable a secure conversation.

By using the SOAP extensibility model, modular SOAP-based specifications are designed to be composed with each other to provide a rich messaging environment. Therefore, WS-SecureConversation by itself does not provide a complete security solution. WS-SecureConversation is a building block that is used in conjunction with other Web service and  application-specific protocols (for example, WS-Security) to accommodate a wide variety of security models and technologies.

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