SOA Building Blocks WS-Transaction

Services within the realm of SOA could be located within an enterprise our outside it, a business process that spans within as well as outside the enterprise would not normally have a session that binds these spanned processes together. What if your account gets debited and the bill is not paid, well ... you can call the customer care and
ask them "why is my bill not paid while my account is debited?"
and the reply would be "Sir you need to wait 24 hours so that the amount is rolled back/or forward",
then you call them after 24 hours and tell them "You said 24 hours my account is still not updated.."
and they reply "Sir it is 24 WORKING HOURS ..."

well you get the picture, this is about transactions across disparate systems and environments. This is why and where WS-Transactions come into picture.

look at the specs here

and a artilce here and here 


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