SOA Building Blocks WS-Reliable Messaging

This specification (WS-ReliableMessaging) describes a protocol that allows messages to be delivered reliably between distributed applications in the presence of software component, system, or network failures.

Many errors may interrupt a conversation. Messages may be lost, duplicated or reordered. Further the host systems may experience failures and lose volatile state.
WS-ReliableMessaging provides an interoperable protocol that a Reliable Messaging (RM) Source and Reliable Messaging (RM) Destination use to provide Application Source and Destination a guarantee that a message that is sent will be delivered. The guarantee is specified as a delivery assurance. The protocol supports the endpoints in providing these delivery assurances. It is the responsibility of the RM Source and RM Destination to fulfill the delivery assurances, or raise an error. The protocol defined here allows endpoints to meet this guarantee for the delivery assurances defined below.
Persistence considerations related to an endpoint's ability to satisfy the delivery assurances defined below are the responsibility of the implementation and do not affect the wire protocol. As such, they are out of scope of this specification.

There are four basic delivery assurances that endpoints can provide:
AtMostOnce Messages will be delivered at most once without duplication or an error will be raised on at least one endpoint. It is possible that some messages in a sequence may not be delivered.
AtLeastOnce Every message sent will be delivered or an error will be raised on at least one endpoint. Some messages may be delivered more than once.
ExactlyOnce Every message sent will be delivered without duplication or an error will be raised on at least one endpoint. This delivery assurance is the logical "and" of the two prior delivery assurances.
InOrder Messages will be delivered in the order that they were sent. This delivery assurance may be combined with any of the above delivery assurances. It requires that the sequence observed by the ultimate receiver be non-decreasing. It says nothing about duplications or omissions.

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