SOA Boot camp Story

Invitation for boot camp had been set out, 3 working days to go, no materials available for the sessions, no certified instructors available, limited options for screening of participants. With all the above challenges we had to train a set of people and make them SOA Solution Designer certified (667).Raghu and Rajashree arranged invitations and logistics and Raghu mobilized the team, comprising in alphabetical order Bharath Duggirala, Jatinder Malik, Kasirajan Natarajan, Sobha R Warrier, Sowmya S Grama, Vidyadharan Elambila Veetil and myself. It was decided that first week I should be leading the event with Kasi and second week Bharath and Vidhya.

Kasi and I did not have any opportunity to work together till now, we needed to understand each other and complement each other to make it happen. Throughout the session and a period of a week I discovered Kasi, (I don’t know why every person whom I meet always seem better than me). Every individual in our team would jump in at opportunities of travel and customer engagements, but Kasi was an exception, father of two kids he keeps his family first. He says “Although our team has people who are of ‘always ready’ category, I do not choose assignments which would need me to be away from my wife and kids”. One day morning we had to reach early for the sessions, Kasi called me up on the previous day and asked “I have to drop my kid to school tomorrow could you make up for me”, I remembered how important his family is to him and accepted his request. In our sessions we complemented each other well, working with him was an honor.

The boot camp was well received 50% of those who cleared the test did exceptionally well. They were the first bunch of people to clear the test. The boot camp participants were live and active, the intellectual interactions beneficial.


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