Inheritance Eldest : By Christopher Paolini

After Eragon, I got Inhertance Eldest By Christopher Paolini, and was putting it off to read it some time when free, suffering from fever and refusing to let go I started reading it. I soon realized that the book would not free me until it was finished. From Friday to Sunday late night I could not keep the book aside but for my prayers and to have food.

The Varden’s; the resistance to King Galbatorix; celebration of success was short lived as grave immediate challenges sprang up. The intricacy of politics of finding a new leader for the Varden keeps you on the edge.

Eragon was now called as Shade Slayer, but was not fully equipped to meet his destiny. The one who would mentor him to such a state has been introduced beautifully, the mentors efforts to train the apprentice and their interactions has been well narrated. Eragon also struggles to find a right focus in his training as Saphira the dragon states as “I believe, Eragon, that you are full of love and that you are looking for one who will reciprocate your affection”.

New hero has sprung to life, Eragon’s cousin, the adventure he undergoes to try and save his village from the Galbatorix army and the Razac’s. He believes that Eragon was the cause for his father’s death as well as the fate of his village.

Arya the Elf is not just a magical presence in the story as the story reveals more things regarding her life, choices and sacrifice that she made for the well being of the races which became a cause for displeasure from the Elf Queen.

Galbatorix army was marching to finish of Varden; Eragon was still not yet fully ready to take on Galbatorix. There were new challenges, unexpected enemies.

My suggestion is find some time to read this book, its worth the time, if recreation is a mental activity then this is the best recreation you can find without physically going anywhere. If you are tech savvy, give yourself a break from all the Technology for some time and work on your imagination and visualization. Let your imagination run riot in this magical world which is architected by the author, and relate to the heroes and their struggles to let it energize you from within.

“Some people will lie, cheat, steal and back-stab to get ahead... and to think, all they have to do is READ.”
- Fortune


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