How to read better and faster

There was a time when i had this thought in my mind, i wanted to read, read a lot, and also got membership to libraries. With lots of books to read, and having too little time to read all of them it was looking like an impossible aspiration. If only I could read faster, and my speed was not like what I really needed. Then one fine day I stumbled upon a book by the name “How to read better and faster” by Norman Lewis. It lays down some techniques and practices to speed up the reading and it works. I thought I would share it with you all so that you can also skill up on reading.


  1. So how do you read fast?

    I have started reading newspapers by skipping first few lines, and look for important words and concentrate on those areas. Like pattern recognition.

  2. That is good way to go about it Shibu, thanks for sharing the info.


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