Hey EA People NORA is Coming

Who doesn't know Nora right ? the light ...

We'(at National Enterprise Architecture ) has been working on this Enterprise Architecture (EA) Methodology since a year (ish) , tailored for government agencies.

[Well this is the previous version]

Why ? why cant you just use Togaf ? why re-invent the wheel ? etc etc.

Okay i get the concern, i can see that Togaf is a rich framework, especially its ADM is quite solid, but Togaf is mainly targeted at private entities, and has more of a technology favor, and unfortunately that is not what we really want, the government has different priorities different goals and thus see things differently..

This explains the advent of FEAF, DODAF, TEAF and other EA framework, each with its own merit.

But as the famous saying goes, "One Size doesnt fit all"

The methodology we have built is for the government, to enhance and improve the way eGovernment is accomplished.

So we fondly call the methodology NORA, and details would follow soon... hopefully.

Until then ....


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