Hello World How Are You

” Hello World!”

How are you today?

It would be a favor to humanity if you could open your heart, and speak to those your inhabitants just this time, tell them what life really means, tell them what they need to hear, what they need to know…

People are barraged by information, misinformation, waves after waves of agendas, advertisements, campaigns, flood of social media streams…

Then there are systems that dive deep into all of this and try to make sense of it all, try to extract trends, patterns, the pulse of the world conversations, sometimes to learn, other times to counter or to take benefit of the noise… big data … and then push that information back.

Then there are people, in this world, with their own lives, like this colleague who lost his house in war, he never knows who broke down his house, the one who broke it down didn’t even knew whose house was being destroyed, turned to rubble.

Friends speak of difficulties in certain countries to own a house, because of the tremendous effort to get one and call it home, because of the cost, because of the effort, because of finding the right place, right plan, right feel.

That house is in ruins…  How can someone justify crushing of that dream… what wrong did he do to them …
Many a friends has left this world, he was crossing a road, a vehicle came by, knocked him down, didn’t turn back… he lay on the road. Skull broken...bleeding… till someone took him to hospital, he was declared brain dead… fought for life .. in a week he succumbed.

I still see him smiling, his quick wit, the way he would sit with a newspaper in his hand, thinking … reading … and sharing interesting bits and his conclusions … he was a doctor … a good friend … he was loved by many. His employer came forward in generosity to take the burdens of his financial commitments, that’s the story of one man, a good friend who is no more …

Then I see another, a pious man, his beard was black then, sense of energy emanated from him, pragmatic and a successful entrepreneur, I met him recently, age and health issues had taken a toll, I was just one of the many he knew, yet when he talked he would ask about me, ask about how my parents are doing, and every time there is something new to learn. Then recently I heard he underwent an operation for hernia, had a heart attack, and passed away silently to the next realm. Things I learned from this great man, the positive influence shall not be forgotten.

Another friend, who part of a virtual gaming team, a real prankster, he wasn’t well and had health issues for some time, we had a chat one time and I signed off saying, “dude I got go, we talk next time” … but there was no next time.

Each life, how it influences, how valuable they are, and yet in one “incident” fifty of them are gone, hundreds of thousands are gone … I can’t but stop and wonder … how can people take another’s life… take another’s dream … really!!! . How can people hate someone who they don’t even know in person, just because of these noises?

So dear world, you speak to me, just to know your story, I think I need to know, for with our small steps we wish to walk a path to serve, to love and to care for one another, a bit more better.

Your Human Inhabitant.


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