Thank You

It was couple of months back, having crossed 40 years ( and all..), was seriously thinking of shutting down the blog, not finding time to sit down and write a few words, thinking and trying to make a better life, considering here and here after...

Should i keep adding the insignificant side notes into the chaotic world of the internet, there is a famous hadith , "intention of the believer is better(or counts more) than his deeds". This is one small service to share something that at least some one can use. Our intention is always in the best interest of the world, but our services may in the end benefit perhaps just one or none. Yet we keep up the performance, keep serving, in hope of better world and a better hereafter.

But .... every one needs a bit of motivation to keep things going ... not sure if google analytic got the numbers wrong...

Am grateful, its only what our kind creator has willed, am grateful for every one who spend at least few minutes of their precious time, to read the insignificant side notes, being part and sharing our experiences.

Thank You Visitors.


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