Rooh Afza - ReDiscovering Rejuvenation

It was a few years back since i tried Roohafza, an unusual thing about having a sensitive stomach is its lactic intolerance. If it is milk it has to be diluted to quite an extent for consumption. So it was during one of such dilution processes I stumbled upon RoohAfza,my stomache tolerated the milkshake with roohafza to a higher degree. This was how the relationship began with roohafza, after shifting to bangalore it was not easy for me to locate a shop that sells the magic drink so gradually roohafza and me parted ways.

Recently one of my good friend invited me for an iftar, while we were having iftar my eyes fell upon the light red colored drink, it was none other than my long lost friend roohafza mixed in water, needless to say there was not much delay in bringing home the bottle.


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