Eid Mubaraq

After a month of compulsory fasting a day full of blessings comes. It is a day of thankfulness to Allah for making the fasting easier for us. It is a day of thankfulness for increasing our provisions.Blessed is this day.A night before it is the night of forgiveness from sins. As the workers get their salary only on completion of their work satisfactorily so also the slaves of Allah get rewards on the last night after completing one month's fasting.Some sunnaths of this blessed day are:
1. Waking up early in the morning and take bath.
2. Wear new clothes.if not new at least clean and good clothes.
3. Wear fragrance(for males)
4. To pray eid salaath as early as possible.
5. Say taqbeer while on the way to eidgah and also while waiting for prayers.
6. Wish your brothers and exchange gifts.
7. To go to eidgaah by one road walking and return by another road.
Sadaqa ul fitr is an obligatory charity to be given a day before or at least before going for eid prayers. It is given to poor people so that they can also enjoy eid.


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