A respected and close friend of mine Sateesh Balakrishnan narrated an incident to me, it was this Friday and around 10 PM we were finishing of the SOA Appliance (Datapower) assignment and still at office. He and his uncle were traveling in a train; there was no mention of where they were traveling to or which train they were in as if it was of not much importance. In the train was a co passenger, an elderly business man traveling along with his goods. Sateesh said “At some particular time he made room, spread out a small carpet and comfortably prayed and it took about 10 minutes”. When the elderly person had finished his prayers and was back in his seat, Sateesh’s uncle asked the person “What if some one takes those goods away while you are praying?” It is a most valid question as this person is traveling only to carry the goods from one place to another so as to sell them and earn a lively hood. So what if some one takes away his means of livelihood and the pains he would have to go through, considering his age it would be a hardship. The elderly mans eyes remained calm as he answered “What ever has to go would go”.

This is trust in him, what ever he gives only that we would get and what ever he wishes to take away he would definitely take away. During interrogations regarding my intentions of helping the doctor on her cause, I trusted him more than any one else. They had used many tactics to turn me against the doctor, intimidated and threatened me to avoid any future contact. They kept saying that a woman’s mind would change any time, one day she would speak for you and one day she would turn around and speak against you. Doctor was to give a statement which would decide the fate of me and my friend. My trust was on him, and I trusted in him that doctor would be trust worthy otherwise he would not have chosen me for this. Doctor gave a very good statement, reaffirming my trust, but let me confess my trust was under trial.

The elderly person of whom Sateesh narrated was calm and settled in his trust, his prayers complete and composed. Sateesh also mentioned he has seen some people who are similar, those who practice yoga. He says for us there are so many thoughts and worries that keep creeping in; it’s hard to keep them away. It is true, even during prayers these thoughts creeps in, the ask is to build a trust in him that he would take care of all of these thoughts and worries and provide us with what is good for us. This way our prayers would be meaningful and build more trust in him, making us better individuals and better co passengers for this journey of life on earth.


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