Rabindranath Tagore’s Foreword for a book

“One of the most potent sources of Hindu- Muslim conflict in India is our scant knowledge of each other. We live side by side and yet very often our worlds are entirely different. Such mental aloofness has done immense mischief in the past and forebodes an evil future. It is only through sympathetic understanding of each others culture and social customs and conventions that we can create an atmosphere of peace and good will. With this end in view I started a department of Islamic culture in Viswa Bharati a few years ago with the generous support of his highness the Nizam. I am glad to say that the experiment has been successful. But work of this sort must be elaborated a hundred fold. Individual educationalists and scholars must also take it up and I heartily welcome, therefore, the series of articles from my distinguished country man, Moulavi Abdul Kareem on Islam’s contributions to science and civilization. The writer has clothed his erudition in as simple a garb as possible and the book should have great popular appeal. It is with pleasure that I commend the book to my country men”

Rabindranath Tagore

Santiniketan, Bengal
August 19, 1935


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