No Conversion

How we would like to spend our life is a personal choice, this choice depends on various factors top most among the list is the environment surrounding us, our priorities, our conscience.

Consider three scenarios

1. A person with name X is having enough power to control, instill fear and intimidate, also having enough power to force a person to live a life in a way X would like him to. Consider a person Y who is weak and subdued by X, X forces him against the will of Y to live a life which X prescribes for Y.

2. A person with name A is preaching about some way of life and B who listens to the preaching develops interest and then decides on his own will to lead a life as preached by A

3. A person C who becomes aware of some way of life likes it and then decides to live according to it and person D comes in to help and answer the queries which C has.

I cannot find anything wrong with 2 and 3 either from A, B, C or D.

My late cousin brother used to attend Sri Sri Ravisankar sessions during his cardiac treatment; you can relate Sri Sri Ravisankar to be of category 2. I have my own difference in opinion regarding Sri Sri Ravisankar but I did not prevent my late cousin brother from attending his sessions. It is his freedom it is his choice. But I would put across my difference in opinions in a way keeping my respect for my elder brother minding his well being.

You cannot change others, try and you would fail, you can change yourself for the better and it would benefit you more than any one else.


  1. Great Thought!!!
    We must leave religion to the private sphere of the individual.


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