Kochi (Cochin) Beaches - Vypin

This Sunday was about finding alternate beaches in Kochi/Cochin where some one could get a soulful, refreshing, inspiring, quality time.

Atlast we managed to find Cheru Vypin beach to suit the bill, a place once ravaged by Tsunami.

Inspiring !!!, a poetry written in space, A lone survivor.

The ripples reminding of the giant wave that once crossed here ...

Like this world, so beautiful but once this was a monster.

Yes we had the beach to ourself


  1. Beautiful! Wish I was there!!


  2. Good wish.....may come true

  3. there is one more new beach near cherai...munambam beach..pretty newly formed :)

  4. beautiful place to come out of SOA tensions....

  5. Thanks for the picture.. Hope you enjoyed..


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