What is Islam or What Islam Is ?

The book gives an introduction for any one who whats to know What is Islam or What Islam Is? is written by a Moulana Mansur Numani RAH, it is freely available for download(333Kb).

What Islam Is

Islam has two traits, one is the internal aspects which contains a set of belief and internal qualities the other is the external aspect or the way of life. Quraan which contains only the words from our creator, and hadeeth which contains words of the prophet and the companions of the prophet gives a detailed sketch of both the aspects of Islam.

No book written by human does complete justice in explaining Islam as its a way of life prescribed by our creator, one has to understand the life of a Muslim to understand Islam this is where books fall short. When hazrath Aisha RA was asked about the character of the prophet she "replied the character of the prophet was the Quraan" this hadeeth binds Quraan to the life of Muslims particularly the life of the prophet and his companions. The interpretation of Quraan is in the life of the Muslim. Muslim is one who obeys his creator in all aspects of his/her life, Islam has to be learned from their lives.

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