Flutter Limit Re-Buiild to An Inner Widget

When creating a UI in Flutter, it can be challenging to rebuild specific widgets without impacting the performance of the entire page. In some cases, expensive widgets may need to be rebuilt unnecessarily, which can slow down the app's overall performance.

To address this issue, you can use the StatefulBuilder widget in Flutter. This allows you to limit the rebuild to only the inexpensive widgets, while expensive widgets are only rebuilt when necessary. By wrapping the inexpensive widget inside a StatefulBuilder, you can avoid the need to repaint the entire page and improve the app's overall performance. This approach is a simple and effective way to optimize the app's performance and ensure a smooth user experience.

 You can limit the rebuild to the inexpensive widget by wrapping it inside a StatefulBuilder. While the expensive widget is only rebuilt when its needed. 

The sample code is given below.


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