The language of EA or لغة البنية المؤسسية

Enterprise architecture is a global practice, has to be considered as such and yet to act local, knowing the language of EA in local context is vital. Either for engaging with global communities or SMEs or for communicating with your immediate stakeholders, one must not be short for words. So here is an attempt to share some of those words.

Establishing purpose (غرض) of having the EA Office (مكتب البنية المؤسسية) depends on your key stakeholders (أصحاب المصلحة) especially the executives (المدراء التنفيذيين). Some priorities (الأولويات) when you get started are … Creating a shared vision (رؤية), objectives (الأهداف) … understanding customers and the value proposition (عرض القيمة) that you can deliver, and hence setting up your EA Strategy and Operating Model (نموذج التشغيل) … communicating clearly, concisely, consistently the EA value, via an EA Awareness Plan (خطة للحملة التوعوية للبنية المؤسسية) and having a clear EA Communication plan (خطة التواصل للبنية المؤسسية) etc.

In parallel setting up the governance (حوكمة) incrementally, taking into account the organizational structure (الهيكل التنظيمي); setting up necessary Controls, Frameworks and systems (الضوابط والأطر والأنظمة اللازمة); the policies(سياسات), principles(المبدأ), processes(اجراءات) and standards(المعايير); to ensure delivery on the identified values(القيم) that EA offers.

This would ideally set you up nicely to establish the EA Framework (إطار البنية المؤسسية), current state(الوضع الراهن) and future state(الوضع المستقبلي) regarding the domains of Strategy(إستراتيجية), Business Architecture (بنية الأعمال) , Application Architecture (بنية التطبيقات), Data Architecture(بنية بيانات), and Technology Architecture(بنية تقنية). The blueprint (مخطط) of your organization along with the roadmap (خارطة طريق) would help you conduct impact analysis (تحليل التأثير) as well as guide the transformation(تحول) or digital transformation (التحول الرقمي ). Reference model ( نموذج مرجعي) is an excellent tool for planning(تخطيط), classification (تصنيف) and standardization (التقييس ). At which stage you would want to build one depends on the purpose and objectives of EA and how soon you would want to apply it

Keep an eye on the KPIs(مؤشر الأداء) the services(خدمات) you are offering, keep innovating(ابتكار), and keep learning ( the language )

What other words would you recommend ?


This is not an EA guide, sharing a few words used within the EA world. 

Thanks to all my Arabic speaking colleagues who taught me the words and continue inspiring to learn.


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