AJAX DataGrid using JavaScript

From the VC++ days when msflex control, with wrapper classes was used as a data grid, to the easier way of doing the same in VB6, to the Model-View way of doing it using Java Swing, there was a consistent usage of DataGrid merely because of its capabilities to manipulate multiple Rows of data in a single view.
Have not yet found a good Web 2.0 based DataGrid yet. so here is an attempt :).

In the table below, click on the edit image on the far right, it would display the text boxes, change the values in the text box and again click on the save image this would update the table and at the same time generate a url that can be used to update the related data at the server. The command could be pushed to server using AJAX call.


  1. datagrid using javascript!!!!!!!! thats cool

  2. Masha allah thats awesome. Very useful for those who understand. Thanks

  3. This is really nice.
    This can be wrapped as a Javascript Object. So that people can re-use. you can set well defined properties such as Header, Number of Rows, Number of Columns, and so on.
    Even allow the user to set their own property Id per row wise. So that they can able to get the values from their Front-controller component and transform into collections. Provide some sample code with XXX.js file, so that people who does not have internet connection they can re-use in their project.

  4. Found Interesting ! Carved me to propagate new ideas, Still can be wrapped as a utility component in my projects.. Applause and waiting for more..

  5. This is really good. Can be mainly used for any client side calendar application. Great!!!

    - Mali, Birlasoft


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